We make buying insurance EASY by doing the shopping for you!

Learn the information you need to make informed insurance purchasing decisions:

  • How percentage deductibles for your homeowners insurance really work and why you don’t want them!
  • What insurance company commercials aren’t telling you.
  • Why staying with the same insurance company for a long time can be very expensive.
  • What happens when you have an insurance claim and why your insurance agent won’t be able to help you get a better settlement.
  • How longevity discounts from an insurance company could be costing you money not saving you money.
  • Is one insurance company better than another?
  • Why you might be a lot better off buying your insurance agent (who is a friend) a birthday present each year rather than buying your insurance through them!
  • What is the difference between replacement cost and Actual Cash Value (ACV) and why an ACV claim valuation might keep your insurance company from paying you anything when you have a claim!
  • And much more!

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